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We want to inspire thoughtful change in people’s everyday choices.

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Who We Are

We are Full Circle Brands, a New York based B-Corp that creates sustainable and thoughtfully designed home care products and we made it our mission to give consumers the ability to make smarter choices, providing solutions that are thoughtfully designed, better for you, your family and the world.

What We Do

We are conscious that brands have an obligation to be more thoughtful, by offering better solutions for everyday problems. We are determined we can lead the charge for change and give consumers the confidence and knowledge to demand more from brands. We believe we have a responsibility to educate our customers and consumers about the impact their everyday choices have in the wellbeing of their families and their surroundings.

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With the plastic problem reaching epidemic proportions we knew we had to take action. We decided to create a social movement around reducing harmful waste through relatively simple lifestyle changes.

With this movement we want to:

Raise Awareness

about the brutal impact our everyday, seemingly small choices have on the health and beauty of our environments.


established, and apparently meaningless, everyday habits and provide information about safer and better alternatives - for us, our communities and the world.

We decided to start small, in a forgotten category, with an everyday product.

We decided to start with a sponge.

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Tal Chitayat & Heather Kauffman